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Hi, my name is Bridgett. For over a decade my husband Tyler and I have been dedicated to a path of personal development and spiritual growth. We have participated in workshops across the country, attended trainings with master teachers, and immersed ourselves in the field of mindfulness. I acquired a masters degree in Applied Sociology and became a certified yoga teacher 500RYT all while juggling the day to day realities of a busy family life. 
In 2015, on the recommendation of some dear friends, we got involved with a personal development organization out of San Francisco named COR. It was in the curriculum of COR that we found ourselves in the most transformative and deep work we had ever been involved with. Our experience was so impactful that we committed those next 18 months to fully immerse ourselves in their leadership training and certification program. Almost a decade later I continue to work with COR and am part of a team of facilitators that lead women and men to live their most empowered, expressed and fulfilling lives.
I established my coaching business in 2017 and have found deep fulfillment in supporting others on their life journey. My passion and calling in the field of human development has centered around mindfulness and its practicality in living an intentional life. My style of working with individuals and couples has evolved from both my personal interests and professional development. I am trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) having completed many courses over a three year period in this method. Additionally, I am a NARM trained professional for complex, relational and developmental trauma. I am specialized in working with couples having trained at the Couples Institute in Menlo Park, CA and completing my certification in Relational Life Therapy with Terry Real.  
The gifts I have received in my personal life from taking the dive into self discovery are the driving force for my desire to share this work. Where I once experienced emotional scarcity I now have depth and range. Where I experienced disconnect in relationships I now have more intimacy, understanding and ease. Where I lived with numbness I now have vitality and richness. This is the heart and intent for my work as a coach and group facilitator.

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