Love makes us vulnerable because love and pain go hand in hand. When things are going well in our loving relationships they offer deep joy and fulfillment. When things are not going well they can be the cause of tremendous suffering. The truth is there are no rule books for relationships and they can often feel complex. 

We all need support in fostering healthy partnership, whether you find yourself in a relationship that is in reasonable shape or in one that is needing repair. Our work together will foster a deeper connection to your partner and to yourself. 

By incorporating the mindfulness based approach of Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) into our sessions you will gain greater capacity for life in general and your relationship in particular. Our work together will be engaging, practical and experientially based. With relationship coaching you can:

  • forge new connections with one another

  • establish and live towards shared values that are truly yours

  • communicate the hard stuff

  • avoid repeating mistakes and patterns that aren't working

  • manage painful thoughts and feelings effectively (grief, anger, frustration, numbness)

  • foster deeper intimacy